Think We’re a Good Match? A Helpful Guide for Referring Us to Your Friends & Family

It’s never easy to ask something of our clients, but we believe in the mutual benefit of a good referral. Because we enjoy working with you, the chances are high that there’s someone in your life who we may be a good match for us as well. If you have friends or family who could benefit from working with a financial professional, here are a few helpful things to know.

Why Should You Refer Your Financial Advisor to Others?

Reason #1: You Trust Your Advisor

It’s important to know that your loved ones are working with a capable advisor. If you’ve developed a strong relationship with your current advisor, then you can expect the same for others. Referring your friends and family to the advisor that you trust your financial standings with can help ease their anxieties in meeting with a new financial professional.

Reason #2: Referrals Can Benefit Everyone Involved

Referring your advisor to your friends and family can bring numerous benefits to everyone involved – you have the satisfaction of creating a solid connection, your loved one’s search for a trusted financial professional becomes easier and your advisor has the privilege of meeting a new potential client.

Reason #3: It Connects Like-Minded Individuals

Oftentimes, people are friends with others who work in a similar field or have a similar socioeconomic level. This means your friends or family members have a good chance of needing similar services and support to what you receive.

If we’re able to assist you in addressing your financial concerns, it’s likely we may be of assistance in addressing your loved ones’ questions as well.

Questions Referrals Should Ask Us (& Others)

Encourage your friends or family to ask prospective advisors the tough questions that can help them get a better idea of whether or not they may be a good match. These questions are a great starting point, as they can help paint a better picture of what working with us may look like for them.

Question 1: How Much Access Will I Have to You?

It’s important for someone to know what the advisor-client relationship will look like from the start. Your loved ones should ask important questions like: “Can I call and talk to my advisor anytime I want?” or “Am I required to attend quarterly meetings?” Everyone should be on the same page from the start regarding communication and the ongoing working relationship. We’re happy to review our process and expectations in our initial conversations, as we believe this is important in building a cohesive and enjoyable experience.

Question 2: How Are You Paid?

Are you a fee-only advisor, fee-based or do you solely work on commission? It’s good for a prospective client to have a clear understanding of how their advisor will be paid. Each fee type has its pros and cons, and prospective clients should be aware of this. We’ll be happy to review our fee structure and schedule and answer any questions your loved ones may have.

Question 3: Do You Collaborate with Other Professionals?

Some advisors collaborate with a network of other financial professionals, such as attorneys or accountants. Others primarily work alone or offer to work with professionals already assisting with your loved one’s financial situation. While different advisors work in different ways, depending on your family or friend’s financial and overall needs, this can impact their decision to work with someone.

If you feel that we bring value to your financial life, it may be helpful to share our contact information with others who could benefit from our services as well. Referrals are powerful tools in creating a meaningful connection. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be happy to provide more information for you to share with your loved ones anytime.


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